Jewelry Care

All of our jewelry is thoughtfully designed and crafted using high quality, lasting materials such as 18K gold plated Stainless Steel, gold filled or sterling silver.
Our jewelry is designed to be worn, enjoyed and lived in. This care guide will help you to ensure its longevity.  



Please keep in mind, gold plated jewelry is not solid gold which is why it is also a lot more affordable than solid gold.

For the longest shine limit contact with water, perfume, moisturizer and hairspray. We recommend you remove your jewelry when showering, exercising, at the beach, or swimming in chlorinated water.
All pieces featuring pearls and natural gemstones are very precious and need to be treated with care. Harsh chemicals and cleaners should be avoided.

Use a clean soft cloth to shine your pieces. 

Due to the nature of metals, tarnishing may occur over time. This depends on a number of factors, such as the acidity of your skin and the way you look after your jewelry.


Some of our pieces come with fine, delicate chains and excessive tugging can result in distorted links or even snapping, so make sure you are gentle with your pieces.


The better you look after your pieces, the longer they will last!